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CD: The Mighty Bullfrogs - Just Another Pretty Face


The Mighty Bullfrogs, fronted by singer-songwriter Mike Quick, are one of the upper midwest's premier party bands. Known in some circles as the "Naughty Kahunas of West Central Wisconsin" and described by Volume 1 Magazine as "eclectic hipsters", the Bullfrogs have shared the same bill with Steppenwolf, Koko Taylor, and Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans.

Featuring Billy Krause and Mike Quick on guitars, Tim Keilholtz on bass, Dave Kappus on drums, and Tom Wieseler on keyboards, the Bullfrogs cover a lot of ground in their repertoire, from "roots rock" to "neo-calypso". The cd "Just Another Pretty Face" is simply a good, solid listen, with each song distinctly different.

Just Another Pretty Face

Track Listing (with RealMedia clips)

  1. Sleepers Join Hands (Mike Quick)
  2. Smoke And Mirrors (Billy Krause)
  3. River of Tears (Mike Quick)
  4. Rain (Mike Quick)
  5. Good Hearted Lovers (Mike Quick)
  6. Another Highball Queen (Mike Quick)
  7. Fool's Gold (Mike Quick)
  8. The King of Rock and Roll (Mike Quick)
  9. Zombie Jamboree (Lord Invador and His 12 Penetrators, with some new lyrics by Mike Quick)
  10. The Tibetan Side of Town (Billy Krause)
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