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MJ Latest Studio CD Release - December 2013

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Studio CD Release - December 2013

"Halfway Home" is a collection of 14 new songs, my first CD of all new material since "Crooked Path" (2007). It was recorded at my own Fool's Hill Studio, with musical help from Tony Markellis, Teresina Huxtable, Danny Whelchel, Danny Gotham, Victor Sanders, Kevin Maul, Mike Vlahakis, Don & Victoria Armstrong, Bob Warren & Joy Mackenzie, and Dale Haskell. We will celebrate the release with a concert Saturday, January 4th at Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY.
-- MJ, 12/03/2013


Welcome to Fool's Hill Music, the moniker that covers my little recording studio, publishing company (ASCAP), record label and now the latest addition to my mostly imaginary business empire, the Fool's Hill Music Record Store.

If you are interested in recording at Fool's Hill Studio (there is no hill and it is in my home; I guess that just leaves the fool) please feel free to contact me at We can then chat in person or on the phone and see if this is the right place for you. I only take on a limited number of projects. I do a lot of acoustic and singer songwriter projects and have the ability to take my studio on the road if that is what you need. I can supply the names of past clients to get the real dirt on me. If you are a speed metal guitarist, rapper, or the next big thing in a cowboy hat, move along little doggie.

I'm truly excited about the Fool's Hill Music Record Store. I have worked with so many talented musicians throughout my performing career and in my studio, and it is my goal, in a modest way, to make their music available to more listeners.

My model is the now mostly extinct small town record store, where the owner had definite opinions about what was good, who you should listen to, and didn't carry crap. Probably why they are mostly extinct. OK, I have an overactive imagination, but that is why I'm a songwriter and not a Certified Public Accountant. C.P.A's with overactive imaginations wind up in jail.

Please browse through the store (don't spill coffee on the merchandise) and maybe take a chance on something that sounds intriguing. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Michael Jerling

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Live CD Release - September 2009

Music Here Tonight

On June 30th, 2009, I recorded an evening of music at Caffè Lena in my hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY. The result was be a CD called "Music Here Tonight" which debuted on Friday, September 25th at the old coffeehouse on Phila Street.

I was joined onstage by Tony Markellis and Teresina Huxtable and cheered on by a group of patient and enthusiastic friends and fans. Though recording live was nerve wracking, we did manage to have some fun, and I am very pleased by the musical result.

The CD features 18 songs spanning my nearly forty years of writing and performing. Many of the tunes were by requested by folks on my email list, and there is one new song, the title cut, "Music Here Tonight".
-- MJ, 09/07/2009, updated for tense

Ray Lambiase - The Ballad of 3 Finger Brown

The Ballad of 3 Finger Brown (2016) is Ray Lambiase's latest album. We have it available here, along with a digital version with both MP3s and lossless FLACs. Click on the link to listen to samples: Read more ...
-- MJ, 08/12/2016

Ray Lambiase - The Ballad of 3 Finger Brown

2 Bob Warren Albums Now as MP3s

We now have two more Bob Warren albums, already in the store as CDs, available for download. They are, "The Poet in Me" and "Bob Warren." Click on the link to listen to samples: Read more ...
-- MJ, 06/08/2016

Bob Warren - The Poet in Me

Bob Warren - Bob Warren

Doug Irving - Songs of the Wood

Songs of the Wood (2016) is Doug Irving's latest CD. Click on the link to listen to samples: Read more ...
-- MJ, 05/25/2016

Doug Irving - Songs of the Wood

Huxtable, Christensen & Hood - Under the Weather

Under the Weather (2016) is Huxtable, Christensen & Hood's first album in thirty years! Click on the link to listen to samples: Read more ...
-- MJ, 03/09/2016

Huxtable, Christensen & Hood - Under the Weather

The Nellies - The Nellies

The Nellies (2011) eponymously titled album is a bluegrass, old timey, country romp, and it's the latest addition to our store. Click on the link to listen to samples: Read more ...
-- MJ, 02/04/2016

The Nellies - The Nellies

Ray Lambiase - Twenty Lies (And Other Stories)

"Twenty Lies and Other Stories" was released in the fall of 2014 and is Ray Lambiase's second full length album. It's our first new album in 2016! Click on the link to listen to samples: Read more ...
-- MJ, 01/18/2016

Ray Lambiase - Twenty Lies (And Other Stories)

The Bluebillies - Train To Paradise

Traditional country and bluegrass have always had tension between Saturday night and Sunday morning. "Train To Paradise" is a country gospel album in the Sunday tradition. As always with The Bluebillies, great playing, singing, songwriting, and genuine emotion rule. Click on the link to listen to samples: Read more ...
-- MJ, 12/12/2015

The Bluebillies - Train To Paradise

Bob Warren - All the Days of the World

Bob Warren's 2015 release, "All the Days of the World", spotlights his songwriting and singing in an intimate aural setting. Spare, but satisfying arrangements feature many of his long-time musical compadres. Check out the samples here: Read more ...
-- MJ, 11/05/2015

Bob Warren - All the Days of the World

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